Thursday, February 20, 2014

Procedure for sending GMT make chuck for reconditioning

For reconditioning of GMT Make chuck, please send the chuck to Guindy Machine Tools Limited; at No. 214 (Old No: 196), Velachery Tambaram Main Road, Pallikkaranai, Chennai – 600 100, through Road Transport, Freight pre-paid and door delivery, security packed and duly covered against transit risks. Please ensure that good quality of packing is provided, so that the same packing case can be re-used. If we find that the packing is not fit enough for re-use, we will use a fresh packing case at an extra cost. Kindly ensure that all the relevant dispatch documents (i.e.) copy of our Original invoice with the relevant Excise Gate Pass and your declarations etc. accompany the material while in transit to avoid any possible detentions by Central Excise or Sales Tax authorities at any of the Check Post en route. Please mention prominently the following to avoid any problems en route:
          ‘GOODS SENT FOR RECONDITIONING --------------------NO SALE
INVOICING INVOLVED----------------------      
CONSIGNEE’S C.S.T. NO.2003/67-68 Dated 08.01.1968.


REPLACING EXISTING CHUCK/CYLINDER - Is your existing chuck/cylinder of GMT make? If yes, give us the serial number engraved on the chuck body face. For cylinders please refer the metal label.   
Do you need to replace your chuck? Need a new Chuck 
We have been in the business of workholding for more than 5 decades in India. We have supplied over 55000 chucks to the Indian Manufacturing Industry. This has provided us with a valuable insight into the usage, maintenance and replacement of workholding products. Many a time we have come across GMT and imported chucks being replaced by cheaper brands. This leads to a loss of quality production and money in the long run. 
If it is of other make or if you are unable to give us the serial number, please provide us with complete spindle details along with the make and model of the machine.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Berg Clamping systems Tool Clamping - HK / HKR

Clamping sets of the type HKR are designed for clamping hollow shank tools according to DIN 69893.
Design features
HKR clamping sets have six collets held by an annular spring which allows a rocking movement for inserting and removing the hollow shank tools. During clamping the taper of the centrally positioned draw-bolt increases the actuation force, thereby generating a much higher clamping force at the collets. The special tribolic coating guarantees the highest possible constant clamping force. The clamping set is maintenance free. A locking bolt permits infinitely
variable positioning and fixation of the clamping set in the Z axis. No special tools are required for assembly and disassembly. The spindle has an easy to produce interior contour. The HKR-gripper has a built-in snap-hold feature allowing a toll to be hold securely in the spindel even in unclamped position.
Ordering example
HK 38
HKR 38
Delivery scope
Clamping set according to data sheet
When clamping without a tool the draw-bolt of the clamping set is supported at the end of the total stroke hT in the depth ‘m’ inside the spindle. If no possibility for the stop is provided at this point, it has to occur at a different point.

Gripper HKR

Type d2 a b c e f j k l m n s hT hS FB max
FS max
HKR 24 24 17 21,0 11 7,5 M 7 x 1 22,0 30 21,0 49 13,5 8,3 7,0 5,0 1,2 65 6 12 3 8
HKR 30 30 21 25,5 14 9 M 8 x 1 24,0 44 38,0 70 22,5 8,3 8,5 5,0 1,7 80 7 13 4 10
HKR 38 38 26 31,0 16 11 M 10 x 1 30,0 45 35,0 74 21,0 10,3 9,0 5,5 3,2 100 15 17 5 15
HKR 48 48 34 39,8 23 13 M 12 x 1 29,0 52 44,5 82 25,0 10,3 10,0 6,4 4,7 130 22 24 6 30
HKR 60 60 42 49,3 26 15 M 14 x 1,5 29,0 65 59,0 98 29,5 12,8 11,0 7,4 6,6 190 35 30 6 40
HKR 75 75 53 62,4 30 17 M 16 x 1,5 34,5 80 74,0 119 34,5 12,8 12,2 8,0 11,0 240 52 36 8 50

Sunday, February 16, 2014

About Guindy Machine Tools

P. Venkat Raman, a pioneering entrepreneur founded GMT in 1959 for manufacture of engineering products of high quality. He provided solutions to various import substitution problems. His collaborative work with top level professors at IIT, Madras, resulted in the first Indian Standards for surface plate calibration. 

Fifty years down the road, GMT continues to maintain its focus on quality engineering excellence with good values and a clear business ethos. The company has earned the trust of its customers and a premier place in the market. GMT enjoys an enviable reputation for the many milestone achievements in product development. Emphasis on quality, indigenous development, providing cost effective solutions, experience and prompt customer service has been key to our success.

GMT provides solutions for all workholding problems, be it cylindrical or non-cylindrical . GMT has a wide range of manual chucks, CNC Lathe chucks, power chucks and special chucks to suit your specific requirement. GMT's experience in the production of metrology equipment over three decades has resulted in the manufacture of world class coordinate measuring machines. GMT also manufactures machine tools like lapping machines, belt grinders, hydraulic cylindrical grinders and surface grinders. GMT believes in building lasting relationships with its customers through its Customer Education Programmes and by constantly monitoring customer needs and providing solutions to their requirements.Today the company is the only Indian supplier of high quality cam-operated manual chucks for lathes

Our product range includes:
GMT Special Chucks & Workholding: GMT make Power Operated Eccentric Compensating Chuck, Power Operated Eccentric Compensating Chuck with retractable jaws, Power Operated Hollow High Speed Quick Change Jaw Chuck, Power Operated Hollow High Speed Quick Change Jaw Chuck, GMT Universal Ball Lock Chucks, GMT make Power Operated Hand Indexing Chuck, Power Operated Power Indexing Chucks, Twist Finger Chuck, Diaphragm Chucks, Collect Chuck, Crank Shaft Machining Chuck, Grip down Chuck, Friction Welding Chucks, Knuckle Fixture Chuck, Expanding Mandrel and other custom made chucks. 

Coordinate Measuring Machine : The GMT CMM is the culmination of decades of experience in metrology and machine tools. Our range of CMM's consists of 14 models to suit every inspection need. We also undertake CMM Retrofit, CMM Calibration, CMM Software Upgrade and CMM Contract / Parts Inspection. 

GMT Work Positioning: Indexing Tables: Hydraulic Rotary Indexing Tables, Pneumatic Rotary Indexing Tables, Numerically Controlled Rotary Table.

Machine Tools : Lapping Machine, Planetary Lapping Machine, Belt Grinding Machine, Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder, Hydraulic Cylindrical Surface Grinding Machine, Tool Turret.

GMT Metrology Division - Cast Iron and Granite Products: GMT Make CI Surface Plate, Angle Plate, Box Angle Plates, Straight Edge, Bench Centre. Granite Surface Plate, Granite Straight Edges, Granite Master Squares, Master Cylinders.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Berg - Clamping systems SK-Steep Taper Tooling

Clamping systems SK-Steep Taper Tooling

Depending on the selected clamping set type and the machine requirements complete clamping and chucking systems are available in combination with the various actuation elements.
The following chart is provided for the purpose of allocation and selection. The actuation devices are described and depicted in detail in the specific data sheets. Please contact us for more information for clamping and release systems which are not detailed.
Gripper Clamping cylinder, rotating Multi-energy supply, stationary
Spindle speed nmax. <4000 rpm <15000 rpm > 15000 rpm
Features / Type ESK OHLK OHL SEK SE
Clamping Electrical Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanic Mechanic
Releasing Electrical Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanic Mechanic
Spindle bearing relieved
Position control
Compressed air supply
Cooling lubricant supply
Gripper Clamping cylinder, rotating
Spindle speed nmax. > 15 000 rpm
Features / Type HDZ HLZ HLZE
Clamping Mechanic Mechanic Mechanic
Releasing Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Spindle bearing relieved
Position control Optional Optional Optional
Cooling lubricant supply Optional Optional Optional

Monday, February 10, 2014

GMT represents Berg Spanntechnik in India

Berg Spanntechnik is one of the leading specialists in tool clamping technology worldwide. The product range includes clamping systems for quick-release taper and hollow shaft tools in innumerable standard variants and special versions.
In addition to clamping systems for pallets, devices and changing processing units this product group also includes electro-mechanical and electronically programmable clamping systems offering an extensive capacity range.
Berg Spanntechnik supplies die clamping systems, slide locking systems, clamping systems for moving bolsters and transfer couplings for forming machines.
1. Clamping Systems - Tool Clamping
  • Gripper HSK-Hollow Shank Tooling
  • Standard HSK Gripper with force amplification / option preholding function
  • Standard HSK Gripper with preholding function
Clamping Systems SK-Steep Taper Tooling
  • Gripper SK Tooling
  • Standard SK Gripper
  • SK Gripper with preholding function
  • SK Gripper with force amplification
Clamping Systems Coromant CaptoT
  • Gripper Coromant CaptoT
Medium transfer (draw-bar/gripper
Spring Stacks
Operating systems
  • Hydraulic Cylinder HDZ
  • Multi-Energy Supply
  • Hydraulic Cylinder HLZ
  • Hydraulic Cylinder - HLZE
  • Pressure Intensifer
  • Rotating Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Rotating Electromechanical Actuator
Hydraulic self-locking clamping systems
Clampforce Gauge System
2. Clamping Systems - Special Application
  • Clamping head
  • Clamping head self-locking, spring loaded
  • Clamping head self-locking
  • Zero point clamping system
  • Clampforce gauge system for SP..., NSM-HV
  • Hydromechanical clamping unit
  • Electronically programmable clamping system
  • Stationary electro-mechanical actuators with rotary power take-off
  • Stationary electro-mechanical actuators with rotary power take-offt and automatic shifting mechanism
  • Stationary electro-mechanical actuators with rotary power take-off and hydraulic (pneumatic) shifting device
  • Hydraulic (pneumatic) central distributor
  • Handling system
3. Clamping Systems - Forming technology
Clamping Systems with AS-Interface
Stationary Clamping Systems
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Swing Out Style
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Rotational Style
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Pull-Back Rotational Style
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Gripper Style
  • Electromechanical Moving Bolster Clamp Wedgebar Style
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Wedgebar Style
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Swing Out Style
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Pull-Back Rotational Style
Self-Travelling Clamping Systems
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Wedgebar Style
  • Electromechanical Clamping System Bellcrank Lever Style
  • Mechanical Clamping System Disk Spring Washer Style
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Drawbar Style
  • Hydromechanical C-Clamping System selflocking
  • Hydraulic Clamping System Drawbar Style
  • Hydraulic C-Clamping System
  • The Clamping Actuator with Push Pull Chain
Manually movable Clamping Systems
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Drawbar Style selflocking
  • Hydromechanical C-Clamping System selflocking
  • Hydromechanical Clamping System Drawbar Style
  • Hydraulic C-Clamping System
Manual Clamping Systems
  • Mechanical Clamping System
  • Mechanical C-Clamping System
Slide Locking System Hydraulic Cushion Style
Transfer Rail Couplings
  • Manual operated Transfer Rail Coupling Eccentric Cam Style
  • Manual operated Transfer Rail Coupling Swing Out Style
  • Electromechanical Transfer Rail Coupling
  • Electromechanical Transfer Rail Coupling
  • Hydromechanical Self-locking Transfer Rail Coupling
  • Pneumatical Self-locking Transfer Rail Coupling
Clampforce gauge system
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