Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Berg Clamping systems Tool Clamping - SSKV

Berg SSKV gripper are primarily designed for drawing in and ejecting steep taper tooling provided with retention knobs internationally standardized as per DIN, ANSI, MAS, JIS and ISO which allow fast automatic tool changes. Actuation is mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical
or pneumatic.

Design features
SSKV clamping sets have six collets held by an annular spring which allows a rocking movement for clamping the steep taper tools. During clamping the taper of the centrally positioned drawbolt increases the actuation force, thereby generating a much higher clamping force at the collets. The special tribolic coating guarantees the highest possible
constant clamping force. The clamping set is maintenance free. A locking bolt permits infinitely variable positioning and fixation of the clamping set in the Z axis. No special tools are required for assembly and disassembly.